Autonomous Retail System

About Us
Ampere Innovation creates autonomous retail stores by developing innovative hardware and software systems. We are working to solve challenges that the retail industry face including continuous increase in minimum wage, difficulty in hiring long term employees, and loss of customers to the increase of e-commerce stores. We use technology to automate operations in retail stores allowing them to remain open 24/7, and to provide a brand new shopping experience. Ampere’s cloud-based platform connects and manages store operation, customer experience, and supplier relation. We use artificial intelligence to help store owners to make better business decisions on purchasing, inventory control, and marketing. We aim to partner with other retailers to bring autonomous stores in your neighbourhood.  

Please ask us about our early adopter program and collaboration program.  
Join Our Team 
Are you looking to get involved in an innovative and exciting software and hardware development opportunity?
Ampere Innovation is just what you are looking for. We are a tech start-up working on a system that is going to automate the retail industry.  We want to build a team that is interested in taking the project forward together.
1200-555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC  Canada
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